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Kumkum Bhagya 22 June 2022 Written Update: Rhea Learns that Prachi is Pregnant!


June 21, 2022

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Prachi feels distraught over Rhea’s pregnancy and refuses to talk to Ranbeer. Rhea taunts Prachi, and she tells her that she is pregnant with Ranbeer’s child. Pallavi, Alia, and Daljeet overhear her as well. To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi feels devastated over the news of Rhea’s pregnancy and walks out of the house. She cries and remembers the time she spent with Ranbeer but feels distraught over Rhea. At the hospital, Ranbeer speaks with Rhea but is interrupted by Pallavi and the other family members who congratulate her. Rhea feels elated over the news but Ranbeer wonders about Prachi. Sahana finds Prachi and brings her home while Ranbeer also comes looking for her. He remembers the time he found out about Prachi’s pregnancy and the moments they spent together. Rhea comes home with Pallavi and Alia mentions that now, she will take care of her. Meanwhile, Sahana reasons with Prachi and tells her to be firm in her decisions. Alia asks Ranbeer why isn’t he happy and even shouts at Daljeet for mentioning Prachi’s name. Pallavi declares that Rhea is the daughter-in-law of the family and her child is the heir and no one will mention Prachi’s name again. Later, Ranbeer tells Rhea that he will talk to her after speaking with Prachi. Prachi cries in her room and Sahana consoles her.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi cries her heart out and tells Sahana that she is a fool for believing Ranbeer. She mentions that she wants the same right as Rhea and Sahana consoles her. Ranbeer comes to talk to Prachi but she ousts him and mentions that she doesn’t want anything from him now. She locks him out of the room and cries, while he feels conflicted as well. The next day, Pallavi brings a sage home for the puja. The sage blesses Prachi and her child but Alia intervenes and mentions that Prachi is not pregnant, but Rhea is. The sage asks Prachi if she is pregnant and Pallavi intervenes, saying that she is Ranbeer’s first wife. The sage asks Prachi to ask her questions as she knows she’s troubled. Pallavi intervenes and gives her a task but Ranbeer tries to talk to Prachi. Later, Rhea taunts Prachi and berates her as well. Rhea talks about being pregnant as a taunt to Prachi and even talks about Ranbeer. She mentions that now, everyone will take care of her, especially Ranbeer. Rhea calls Prachi infertile, which infuriates her and Prachi tells her that she is pregnant. Rhea is astonished but Prachi rebukes her and mentions that she is Ranbeer’s real wife and her child will be the true heir of the family. Rhea insults her and says that her child is illegitimate and her pregnancy is fake. Later, Pallavi tries to elate Ranbeer and tells him to smile as he is going to be a father. Upstairs, Pallavi, Daljeet and Alia come to know that Prachi is pregnant but Pallavi insults her and says that Rhea is Ranbeer’s wife. Rhea instigates her further and says that Prachi should be thrown out of the house. Sahana intervenes and says that Ranbeer should be asked as well but Pallavi chides her and tells Prachi that her child will never be considered the true heir of the family.

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