Kumkum Bhagya 20 March 2020 Written Update: Prachi Asks For Time To Answer Ranbir

Prachi tells Ranbir that she needs more time to say if she is in love with him or not. He asks her to pretend she is in love to fool Maya’s family.

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March 20, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi fears that if she tells Shahana that Ranbir proposed to her, everyone at home will find out too. Ranbir is worried that Prachi is angry with him and asks Abhi for advice. Abhi thinks Ranbir is talking about Rhea and says he has nothing to worry because he knows that the girl Ranbir loves also loves him back. Abhi and Pragya both remember Kiara who left their lives 20 years ago. Abhi says the only person who reminds him of Pragya is Prachi. Maya’s family asks Ranbir to start preparing for their sangeet ceremony next. Ranbir tries to call Prachi for help but she ignores his calls.

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In tonight’s episode, Prachi continues to cut Ranbir’s calls and eventually switches off her phone. Shahana keeps bugging Prachi to find out why she is cutting Ranbir’s calls. Prachi locks Shahana in the room and opens the door when she hears the bell ring. Prachi is shocked to see Ranbir at the door. Sarita invites Ranbir in but Prachi is angry.

She tries to pull Ranbir out of the house but fails to do so. Prachi goes to her room upset and Ranbir goes to talk to her. He says that he really loves Prachi and he doesn’t expect her to love him back. He says that he will not force Prachi to be in love with him either. He just wants to be with her because she is his first true love.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Ranbir and Aryan
Ranbir tells Aryan that he would never force Prachi to be in love with him

Prachi thanks Ranbir for not trying to force her to accept his proposal. Ranbir says that he doesn’t want to put pressure on Prachi and lose her forever. Ranbir remembers telling Aryan that he first needed to gain Prachi’s trust and make her realise that he didn’t propose to her because he was drunk. He says if Prachi trusts him, she might fall in love with him.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he needs her help because Maya’s family has called them to a mall to shop for the sangeet ceremony. When Ranbir goes to the mall, he asks Prachi to pretend like she is in love with him so that Maya’s family sees this and calls off the wedding ceremony. Will Ranbir’s plan succeed? Find out next week.

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