Kumkum Bhagya 2 November 2020 Spoiler: Abhi Blames Pragya For Keeping Prachi Away

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November 1, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi gets out of Abhi’s car and spots Pragya from a distance. On the other hand, Aliya also sees Pragya and recalls all the bitter words Pragya said to her. Filled with rage, Aliya decides to run over Pragya with her car. Just then, Abhi and Prachi notice the car speeding towards Pragya. Abhi rushes towards her and manages to save Pragya. Aliya sees Abhi and escapes from there.

However, Abhi has an intuition that it was Aliya who tried to kill Pragya. He later offers to drop Pragya and Prachi home. Meanwhile, Rhea comes back to her senses and sees Ranbir. He tries to talk about Prachi and his relationship but Rhea completely ignores it. Watching Ranbir take care of her, Rhea gets the wrong idea that he will be hers forever. Abhi and Pragya’s war of thoughts begin. However, he is happy to finally reveal to Prachi that he is her father. On the contrary, Pragya feels that Prachi is not ready for it yet. Prachi is confused at their behaviour. Meanwhile, Aliya regrets what she did and feels insecure thinking about Prachi and Pragya. To save herself from Abhi’s doubt, she calls a mechanic to repair her car so that Abhi doesn’t assume it was her who planned to hit Pragya.

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In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi and Pragya can’t agree on whether Prachi should know the truth about her father or not. They get into an argument. Abhi gets emotional and remembers Kiara. He tells Pragya that she is taking revenge from him because of what happened to Kiara. But Pragya is completely shocked. Later, he adds that Pragya thinks Abhi is the reason why Kiara is away from her life. And because of that, she is keeping Prachi away from him. Pragya is completely taken aback. Will this bring a rift between Abhi and Pragya? Or will they grow close? How will Prachi react when she gets to know that Abhi is her father? Or will Pragya keep Prachi away from Pragya forever? Stay tuned to know.

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