Kumkum Bhagya 2 December 2020 Written Update: Rhea wants Abhi to marry Meera

Rhea asks Abhi to prove that he loves her. To know what happens next on Kumkum Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!


December 1, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbeer decides to leave the house and Pallavi severs all ties with him. However, as soon as he steps out of the house, she gets a heart attack. When Alia reprimands Rhea, she leaves in a huff. Ranbeer blames himself for Pallavi’s condition.

Watch what will happen next on Kumkum Bhagya:

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi and the rest check on Pragya and find her on the floor with Rhea’s pictures and the gifts she had got for her. Sarita Ben asks Prachi to leave her alone, and they let Pragya cry herself to sleep. Meanwhile, the doctor informs Ranbeer and the family that Pallavi is out of danger, but they should avoid stressing her. Ranbeer goes inside to meet Pallavi and promises that he will do what she wants him to do. Pallavi asks him to choose between her and Prachi, while Vikram overhears everything.

Abhi and Alia find Rhea amidst speeding cars in the middle of the road, and they bring her to safety. Abhi notices the change in Rhea’s behaviour towards Alia and confronts Alia, blaming her for Rhea’s disturbed state. Alia, in turn, holds him responsible as he kept Rhea deprived of a mother’s love by not remarrying. She manipulates him and twists Prachi’s words. Rhea joins in the conversation and asks her father to prove his love for her by marrying Meera.

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