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Kumkum Bhagya 18 May 2022 Written Update : Prachi gives written consent for Ranbeer’s operation despite Pallavi’s disapproval


May 27, 2022

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Pallavi woefully recalls how Ranbeer has prioritised Prachi over her. Sahana advises Prachi to reveal her pregnancy to Ranbeer. Alia and Rhea learn that the goons sent by Alia stabbed Ranbeer.

In the previous episode of Kumkum BhagyaAlia formulates a ploy to get Prachi’s nuptial chain snatched by hiring petty thieves. Prachi prays at the temple to ease her worry. As she exits the temple, Alia’s goons try to snatch Prachi’s nuptial chain by holding a knife at her throat. Ranbeer, while on his way to Bangalore, hears the commotion and runs to help Prachi. He tries to convince Prachi to give up her nuptial chain to the thieves but Prachi strictly refuses. Despite Ranbeer having offered his money and diamond ring, the thieves snatch Prachi’s chain and Ranbeer thrashes them. He then snatches back Prachi’s chain and puts it on her neck himself. The thieves flee and call Alia, who insists for them to return to steal the nuptial chain. The thieves comply and return to thrash Ranbeer. As Ranbeer tries to get Prachi and himself into the car, the thieves snatch his keys and stab him. Prachi, in a panic, picks up a brick and hits one of the thieves with it, stabbing another with their own knife. The thieves flee in fear and Prachi cries for help.

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagyafor fear of getting involved with a police case, the passersby refuse to help Ranbeer, despite Prachi’s cries for help. In desperation, Prachi calls Pallavi but Pallavi switches off her phone. Few passersby finally respond to Prachi and a taxi is called. Prachi then heads to the hospital with an unconscious Ranbeer in her lap. Daljeet calls Prachi to ask her about her medicines and Prachi tells her to come to the hospital followed by a brief explanation of the incident. Upon arrival at the hospital, Prachi gives verbal consent to the surgeon for Ranbeer’s operation. Later, the Kohli family reaches the hospital and learns that Prachi’s attestation is needed for Ranbeer’s operation and that her verbal consent has already been given. As soon as she sees Prachi, Pallavi slaps her, questioning her with what authority did she consent to Ranbeer’s operation. Daljeet tries to intervene and speak in Prachi’s support. A nurse asks Prachi to sign the consent form for Ranbeer’s operation, but Pallavi sends her away. The doctor stops the operation and tells everyone that he cannot continue the operation without written consent. Prachi then signs the form after Pallavi caves in. Everyone worries and cries about Ranbeer’s condition.


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