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Kumkum Bhagya 08 September 2023 Written Update: Akshay pulls a gun on Ranbeer

Rajiv Guwal

September 15, 2023

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Akshay sees Ranbeer and Prachi together, which makes him lose his temper. Ranbeer and Akshay get into a fight and Akshay pulls a gun on Ranbeer. Later, Mihika tells everyone the truth.

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbeer conveys his doubts to Aryan and says that he is pretty sure Akshay laced Prachi’s drink. Prachi goes to meet Akshay, who questions her whereabouts. She tells him that they should leave and Akshay fumes over his failed plan. Mihika, at home, tells Vishakha that she has fallen in love with Ranbeer. Vishakha promises her that Ranbeer will come home and live with them. Later, Vishakha goes to meet Pallavi. She tells her that she knows the truth now and figured that Ranbeer and Prachi were married. Vishakha puts a condition in front of Pallavi and says that Ranbeer needs to live in their house till his marriage to Mihika. Later, Ranbeer comes to the Tandon house and seeing the attention he is receiving, Akshay gets furious. Mihika defends him and Prachi realises that Mihika is in love with Ranbeer. Prachi and Ranbeer both feel conflicted over the situation. Ranbeer calls Aryan and tells him that Mihika has really fallen in love with him. Pallavi overhears Aryan and goes to question him. Ranbeer sees Prachi and notices that she has hurt her finger.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbeer tries to look after Prachi after she hurts her finger, but she pushes him away. Akshay sees the two once again close to each other and gets furious. He drags Prachi by her hand and locks her in their room. He later rants in front of the family and accuses Ranbeer of trying to get close to Prachi. He creates a scene in front of everyone and tells the family that he is right in his doubts. Mr Tandon rebukes Akshay and Manpreet tells him to go away and Vishakha takes him away. She tries to calm him down and says that let Ranbeer’s marriage with Mihika happen. Later, Ranbeer’s words make Akshay lose his temper and he starts beating him. Akshay pulls out a gun, but Ranbeer asks him to fire it. Akshay hesitates but Mihika comes running and pulls it off him. Akshay, delirious, tells everyone that Ranbeer is Prachi’s ex-husband. Everyone feels shocked over it, and Prachi intervenes, shouting at Akshay for his behaviour. Mihika interrupts him and says that she knows the truth about Ranbeer and Prachi. Pallavi and Daljeet arrive to meet the family and Akshay drags them in the argument as well. He questions Pallavi over hiding the fact about Ranbeer and Prachi’s marriage. Mihika tells the whole truth to the family and says that Ranbeer has always been noble in his intentions. Akshay tells Mihika that her engagement with Ranbeer will not happen.

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