Kumkum Bhagya 03 September 2021 Written Update: Gaurav gets shocked to see Abhi and Pragya’s pictures

Abhi’s befitting reply makes Sushma and Pragya feel better. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Alia and Tanu arrive home with bags full of money, which stuns Mitali. Mitali and Alia laugh at Tanu, who says that she will use the money to buy the entire chawl. Daljeet convinces Pallavi to hand over the house keys to Prachi to make arrangements for ‘Janmashtami’. Pallavi hesitates to do so and explains that it would be unfair to Rhea. Gaurav arrives at Pragya’s house and misbehaves with Sushma the moment he enters the house. Sushma wishes to slap him when he says that she should have done something for Pragya’s lonesome life. Abhi arrives there and introduces himself as Pragya’s husband, but he finds it hard to believe. Rhea secretly spreads ghee on the floor to hurt Prachi. Unaware of this, Pallavi and Daljeet come down the staircase to hand over the keys to Prachi. Suddenly, Pallavi steps a foot on the ghee and hurts herself after falling on the floor. Prachi presumes that it is her mistake and apologises for it. Ranbeer and Pallavi scold Prachi and call her incapable of managing huge responsibilities. After they all leave, Rhea pretends to be nice to Prachi and tries to turn her against Ranbeer.

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, after Prachi goes to her room, Rhea tells Ranbeer that Prachi holds Pallavi responsible for her injuries. She lies to Ranbeer saying that Prachi has a feeling that Pallavi is just overreacting. Ranbeer gets upset after this and decides to talk to Prachi immediately. Rhea feels great to see this and she follows him to Prachi’s room. Ranbeer goes to Prachi’s room and talks to her about the past incident. He explains that he didn’t mean to hurt her and apologises to her for getting angry with her. Rhea gets angry to see Ranbeer going on his knees for Prachi and then cuddling Prachi.

Abhi tells Gaurav that he has seven avatars based on the seven vows of his marriage with Pragya. He reminds him of the day he had beaten him in the office as a bodyguard. Sushma assumes that Abhi is just pretending to be an upset husband, but Pragya feels that he is speaking out his mind. Gaurav tries to reason with Abhi, who asks him to search for his name on the internet. Gaurav is surprised at their old pictures online and Abhi asks him and his lawyer to leave. Sushma thanks Abhi for defending Pragya against Gaurav. However, Pragya has a feeling that Abhi has something in mind against her.

Rhea gets upset with Ranbeer and Prachi’s reconciliation and decides to do something big against her. Sushma packs a suitcase to go out for an important meeting. Pragya feels worried about her, but she asks her to calm down and stop worrying. Sushma says that she regrets not wanting her to be close to Abhi. She asks Pragya to trust Abhi only after she is sure that he is worth it. Pragya almost gets hurt when Abhi tries throwing a dart at the board. Abhi and Pragya lie to each other and try to keep away from each other.

Pragya thanks Abhi for defending her against Gaurav. However, she feels hurt when Abhi says that he is just providing her the services that she hired him for. Abhi and Pragya feel that both of them are showing attitude to each other. They decide to confront each other and then banter due to a minor accident. Ranbeer asks Prachi to call Pragya, who tells Prachi that Abhi is being difficult. Pragya gets worried when Prachi sounds stressed on the phone. Abhi sees Pragya talking to someone on the phone and gets to thinking about it.

What will happen next? Stream Kumkum Bhagya premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5! Watch more stories and updates on Kumkum Bhagya here.

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