Krystle D’souza And Anushka Ranjan On Drunk-Texting An Ex, Stalking And Open Relationships

Fittrat stars Krystle and Anushka play ‘Never have I ever’ with ZEE5 and reveal all about who they stalk on Instagram, crushing on co-stars and more.

Have you ever drunk-texted an ex? Many of us have, obviously. But have you ever thought what your favourite celebrities do when they have a crush on someone or split? Fittrat duo Krystle D’souza and Anushka Ranjan take the ‘Never have I ever’ challenge with ZEE5 and reveal all about who they stalk on Instagram, crushing on co-stars and more. The beautiful starlets take sips of coffee for every ‘I have’ in the game. So, are you ready OR are you ready? Scroll further to see their replies.

1. Never have I ever had a crush on a co-actor

Krystle: Should I drown? Of course.

Anushka: Yes.

2. Never have I ever stalked a crush

Krystle: Why are you crushing if you are not stalking? You should really see our Instagram search bar. There are some of our crushes and then there are some you will judge us for as to why are we even looking at their faces.

Anushka: You have to appreciate everything, peasants and presidents alike.

3. Never have I ever had a crush on my best friend’s boyfriend

Anushka: My friends have always dated peasants.

Krystle: I cannot look at my best friend’s boyfriend as anything but my best friend’s boyfriend. Probably she is the only girl I can see him with. I can’t even see him with any random girl.

4. Never have I ever judged someone on their lifestyle

Anushka (chuckles): All day!

Krystle: That’s all we do. I think we judge so hard that we come back to judging ourselves.

Anushka Ranjan, Krystle D'souza play Never have I ever
Anushka Ranjan, Krystle D’souza play ‘Never Have I Ever’

5. Never have I ever been in an open relationship

Krystle and Anushka: No, never.

6. Never have I ever lied to impress someone

Anushka: You have to lie a little bit to impress someone. You can later think of telling them the truth or let them find out for themselves how crazy you are.

Krystle (adding to Anushka’s reply): If they last that long…

7. Never have I ever taken money that didn’t belong to me

Anushka: Takes a sip. 

Krystle (to Anushka): Whose money are you taking?

8. Never have I ever drunk-texted an ex

Krystle: Takes a sip. 

Anushka: That’s a shame, Krystle took a shameful sip. It came from the depths of her shame (laughs).

Watch Krystle D’souza and Anushka Ranjan take the BFF vs Boyfriend challenge in the video below:

How many of these questions would you take a sip for? Tell us in the comments box below.

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