Krushna Abhishek Responds Back To The Slams Given By Govinda’s Wife Sunita Ahuja

Krushna Abhishek interacts with the media; Answers back to what Sunita Ahuja commented on him


September 12, 2021

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Govinda and spouse Sunita Ahuja will be gracing The Kapil Sharma Show this weekend Whereas promos of the scene are on social media, the actor’s nephew and comedian Krushna Abhishek has skipped being a portion of it. This has heated up the ongoing friction between them. This led Sunita to lash out at the comedian for not being part of the show. In a later interaction with the media, Sunita went on record to say, ‘never went to see his face or meet him again”.

Recently, Krushna has reacted to the same.

On Friday, while taking the Ganpati idol home from a city shop to his car, Krushna interacted with several media personnel. As per sources, when asked about his relations with uncle Govinda and Mami Sunita Ahuja, Krushna Abhishek said, “Mama Mami… Main chahata hu yeh bhi problem Ganpati ji solve karde parivar ki kyuki hum sab ek doosre ko pyaar karte hai… Bhale internal issues hote hai..woh bhi solve hojaye bas yehi pray karta hu. (I pray to Ganpati Ji to solve the internal issues between our families. Despite our issues, we all love each other).

This reaction from Krushna Abhishek comes in reaction to Govinda’s spouse Sunita Ahuja hammering the comedian and saying she doesn’t want to confront him ever again. In one of her interviews, Sunita said, “Whenever we are invited on the show, he says something around us within the media for reputation. Kya faayda hai yeh sab bol kar? It makes no sense to talk about a family matter in open. Govinda may not react or strike back, but it upsets and pisses me off.”

Talking on Krushna Abhishek and Govinda’s soured relationship, agreeing to sources, the battle between the two stemmed from a tweet by Krushna’s spouse, Kashmera Shah. She once made a comment, ‘people who dance for money, and Sunita claimed the tweet was focused on Govinda.

Since then, the two families have gotten into a few open spats with each other.

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