KRMKB: 4 Times When Saimaira’s Plans Turned Out To Be Quite Dangerous For Chaddha Family

While Samaira has always been the evil character of the show, there were instances when she has gone beyond the usual stuff and made situations dangerous for Shubhra and her family.

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May 3, 2021



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Zee TV’s popular serial Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti stars Neha Marda as Shubhra and Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi as Kuldeep in the lead roles. Samaira (Sapna Thakur) has been trying to create problems for Shubhra and her family since the beginning. Initially, her plans only involved getting Kuldeep’s attention but with time her plans evolved to be more dangerous and evil. Her plans even led to some of the most frightening situations on the show. Recalling those, here are times when Samaira’s evil plans turned out to be dangerous for the Chaddha family.

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Samaira frightens Chandrani with a firecracker

In one of the episodes, Chandrani makes an excuse of spraining her leg and stops Samaira from going with Kuldeep to Pune. In order to take revenge, she gets her down to the dining table and tells Chandrani that she has a surprise ready for her. Then she brings out a lighter and a chocolate bomb and puts it in front of Chandrani. She lights it up and waits for it to burst. She does so because she knew that Chandrani was lying about her sprain and as Chandrani runs from the chair, the firecracker bursts.

Chandrani in KRMKB
Source: ZEE5

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Samaira adulterates Roli’s milk

In order to move Roli from between her and Kuldeep, Samaira instructs Phirki to adulterate Roli’s milk. Samaira brings the milk to Roli and makes her drink it. She and Kuldeep leave for a date and after a few moments, Roli starts vomiting. Samaira also takes Kuldeep’s phone and switches it off and thus when Chandrani calls Kuldeep’s phone, it remains unreachable. Although Roli was safe at the end of the day, her health could have deteriorated quite badly if not for the right medication.

Chandrani and Roli in KRMKB
Source: ZEE5

Kuldeep slaps Rishi due to Samaira

In another episode, Roli and Rishi can be seen playing with a toy lizard and Samaira plans to use it to her advantage. When they sit for dinner, Phirki intentionally put the toy lizard in Samaira’s soup. Samaira makes a ruckus about it and blames Rishi for it. Shubhra takes Rishi’s side but Samaira falsely proves that it was indeed Rishi who did the mischief. Rishi gets angry and starts saying that Samaira is the ‘Raavan aunty’. When he does not keep quiet after Kuldeep tells him to, he ends up slapping his son.

Kuldeep, Samaira and Rishi in KRMKB
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Roli gets closer to Samaira 

Recently, Samaira has put up a facade of being a good mother and has been catering to all of Roli’s wishes so that she can remain in her good books. Roli being a kid gets easily swayed by the gifts and surprises that Samaira has been planning for her. Although Roli stayed back to help her mother win and keep Kuldeep company, Samaira has totally taken her under her wing. This is posing a problem for Shubhra and Chandrani as Roli seems to be fascinated by Samaira and has started taking her side. If this continues, Shubhra’s battle will be much harder to win.

Roli and Samaira in KRMKB
Source: ZEE5

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