Krishnakoli’s Krishna and Munni: Here’s how the two Choudhury sisters are as different as day and night

Although Krishna and Munni are both sisters from the same Choudhury family, the girls are very different from each other.

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November 21, 2020



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Popular Bengali TV show Krishnakoli, starring Tiyasha Roy as Shyama and Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil, that recently saw a massive 18-year leap, has observed various new elements in its latest episodes. Along with the evident changes in the age of the existing characters, a set of new characters have also been introduced on the show. Krishnakoli now has two young adult characters of Krishna and Munni on the Bengali serial, and the two have extremely diverse personalities! Although Krishna and Munni are sisters on Krishnakoli, they have many differences that set them completely apart as people.

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Krishna is the daughter of Shyama and Nikhil Choudhury and Munni is the daughter of Ashok and Disha Choudhury. While Krishna lives an in Benaras which is also known as the spiritual capital of India, Munni lives in Kolkata, the City of Joy. Krishna’s life is a much simpler and slower one whereas Munni’s is comparatively fast-paced and modern.

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Krishna is a hard-working humble girl who is a bhajan singer at the temple in her city. She also handles her household chores and takes care of her mother at home. On the other hand, Munni lives an easier laidback life where she has a help at home to take care of her needs and tends to her when she asks.

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Krishna is seen to be a soft-spoken, caring and humble girl who is polite and respectful towards others. She takes care of her mother and deals with her patiently even though she has lost her memory and panics during several situations. On the other hand, Munni has a high temper and gets angry at minor inconveniences at home. She likes her privacy and ends up revolting if anyone goes against her wishes about her life.

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Krishna, who is a bhajan singer at the temple, enjoys devotional music and spends time around people associated with religious practices there. Whereas, Munni is seen expressing her disapproval towards the idea of her having to listen to kirtans with her grandmother. Although Nikhil insists that she may end up liking them, she confirms that she knows she will never end up liking devotional music or folk culture.

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Krishna and Munni also have an extremely different sense of style. While Krishna is seen wearing Indian traditional clothes since day one, Munni dresses in western clothes and other attires. Even though both the girls are from the same Choudhury family, it is interesting to see how different the two are as people.

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