Krishnakoli: The 18-year leap shows significantly changed lives of Nikhil, Shyama & Krishna, their daughter

The popular Zee Bangla show ‘Krishnakoli’ just took a huge 18-year leap in the lives of the characters. Here’s what is in store for the viewers.

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November 6, 2020



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Zee Bangla‘s popular show Krishnakoli, that stars Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil and Tiyasha Roy as Shyama, took a huge leap in time. The audiences saw an 18-year jump in the lives of the characters on the show. Undeniably, we will observe slight ageing of all the existing characters on the show. Additionally, we also saw the introduction of a new character of Krishna and Sunaina on Krishnakoli.

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In the post-leap episodes, Shyama will be seen as a mother to her grown-up daughter, Krishna, who she now lives with in Benares. After the major accident that Shyama went through, she is believed to have lost all her memory. Shyama has no recollection of her past with Nikhil or of their marriage. She fails to answer any questions regarding Krishna’s father when asked to her by the latter.

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We will see a rather heartbroken and dull Nikhil on the show post the leap. He was heavily disappointed after finding out that Shyama did not inform him of her pregnancy. It is a struggle for him to survive despite knowing that he has a child on this planet, but that he has no idea where she is. Sunaina will also be a new part of the show’s post-leap episodes. Sunaina entered the Choudhury family about 12 years ago as an employee of their masala company. She gradually extended her connect and influence on them. Sunaina has also been trying to get closer to Nikhil for years but in vain.

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The viewers of Krishnakoli saw a fully grown-up daughter of Nikhil and Shyama, named Krishna, in the post-leap episodes. Krishna is believed to have inherited the kindness and generosity that her mother, Shyama, was known to possess. She lives with her mother in Benares and is a bhajan singer. She has no clue who her father is and faces the challenge of finding him as her mother fails to remember anything from her past.

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