Krishnakoli: Munni’s conspiracy against Krishna is exposed, but will it make things better for Krishna?

Will Munni realise her mistakes now, or will she worsen Krishna’s life with her spiteful moves?

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 20, 2021



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Krishnakoli stars Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil and Tiyasha Roy as Shyama in the lead roles. Shyama’s true identity was revealed to the Choudhury family recently while the former was in the process of protecting an intoxicated Krishna. It then led to the revelation of Munni’s conspiracy to spike Krishna’s drink. But we are now fearing Munni’s guts as she is displaying a determination to destroy Krishna further, instead of any regret.

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We recently witnessed Krishna failing to sing as she had been intoxicated. Later, Dadan overheard the former’s conversation with Shyama where Krishna swore she never consumed any intoxicant. But she revealed to Dadan that Munni had instructed her to drink a glass of juice. In a new promo, Dadan is seen exposing Munni for her misdeeds towards Krishna but surprisingly, she shows no signs of shame or repentance.

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We usually expect a person to either be embarrassed, scared or simply just ashamed of themselves after getting caught for conspiring against someone for this long. However, we are surprised by Munni’s reaction to the situation. She has strongly hated Krishna since the Choudhury family welcomed and accepted her as one of their own. We had hoped that Munni would eventually realise her mistakes and turn nicer towards Krishna. However, not only has she tried to harm Krishna limitlessly, but it now looks like she wants to continue on the same path still.

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Munni seems more determined than ever now. She is almost set on the thought of teaching Krishna a lesson for all the things she has taken away from her since arriving at the Choudhury house. Munni shows no remorse for her malicious acts and the damage she has caused Krishna. So we are fearing that she might plot something very big against the innocent Krishna this time. But will she do it by herself or seek someone’s help for a stronger harmful impact?

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Although Munni is very determined to cause Krishna the most possible trouble, we hope Nikhil and the other Choudhury family members manage to stop her in time. Everyone still cares about Munni just as much as before, which she evidently fails to notice. Instead, her jealousy has driven her to do terrible things that are beyond unacceptable for her family. Will Munni let her negative emotions take over her life now? Or will some of Nikhil’s goodness influence her to change for good?

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