Krishnakoli: Meet Sunaina, Nikhil’s friend and colleague in Choudhury family’s masala business

Meet Sunaina, the woman who entered Nikhil’s life 13 years back. Sunaina works with Nikhil in his family business and is closely involved with his family now.

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November 16, 2020



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The popular Bangla TV show Krishnakoli took a giant 18-year leap on the show recently. The Bengali TV serial follows the lives of a dusky girl Shyama, played by Tiyasha Roy and her husband Nikhil Choudhury, played by Neel Bhattacharya. Krishnakoli took a leap after which it introduced a few new characters on the show. We see Sunaina as one of them in the post-leap episodes.

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On the show, Sunaina’s character is being played by the Bengali actress Mishmee Das. Sunaina is portrayed to be a close friend of Nikhil in the latest episodes of Krishnakoli. She is also seen being an integral part of their family masala business. Sunaina is believed to have entered the lives of the Choudhury family about 13 years back. Her consistent and continuous interactions with Nikhil’s entire family led her to stay closely associated with him and his family.

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In one of the latest episodes, Sunaina is seen taking important decisions for the company and making changes to the ones made by Arun. She also heads out to look for Nikhil after his mother expresses worry about not knowing his whereabouts. Upon finding Nikhil day drinking at the bar, she firmly makes him understand that his habits and behaviour is ruining the reputation of the company as well. Nikhil trusts her for work-related concerns and responsibilities.

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Sunaina is seen thinking to herself about how she wishes to get closer to Nikhil. She knows that Shyama’s memories are stuck in Nikhil’s mind but wants to make a place in there for herself regardless. Sunaina looks forward to getting closer to him during the upcoming Benares trip with his entire family. Meanwhile, Nikhil’s mother recognises Sunaina’s continuous presence in their lives, and her ability to handle the business and Nikhil, ever since entering their lives. But she admits that she finds it difficult to associate Sunaina alongside Nikhil, which his father agrees to as well.

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