Throwback Thursday: How Maam’s greed to win Nikhil’s love in Krishnakoli eventually resulted in her death

Maam’s malicious intents and jealousy over Nikhil’s love for Shyama led her down to the path of her own end.

Maam’s arrival in Nikhil’s life on Krishnakoli was a huge twist in the tale due to her unusual resemblance to Nikhil’s wife Shyama. Although after meeting Nikhil and learning about Shyama and their troubles Maam was determined to get them back together, her intents eventually changed. Maam fell head over heels in love with Nikhil and wanted him all to herself. In the process of achieving this goal, she ended up losing her own life to it.

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Before Shyama even got back to the Choudhury household, Maam had realised her immense love for Nikhil. So when Shyama was found and Nikhil brought her back to the house, Maam plotted against her. From trying to not sign the divorce papers only to be able to remain a part of Nikhil’s for a little longer to maliciously provoking him against Shyama, Maam did not hesitate to take any steps to push Shyama out of her way.

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With time, her jealousy grew stronger and she planned to get rid of Shyama by the time Durga Puja arrived. For this, she created a proper plan of action as well. This happened soon after she overheard Nikhil’s desire for her to move out of their room to make space for Shyama again. She then told Nikhil about her idea of returning to her old life. When Nikhil did not stop her from doing so, she secretly grew furious and more envious of Shyama.

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Maam decided to kidnap her to get her out of Nikhil’s life in the greed of proving to him that she, herself, was the best partner he could ever have. Soon after, she planned Shyama’s kidnapping on the day of Durga Puja with Ronny. But on the day of the execution of the plan, Maam got shot in the stomach by Ashok during her performance disguised as Shyama. Although Ashok’s intent was to kill Shyama, he did not realise the difference and killed Maam in the process.

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Maam’s arrival in Nikhil’s life was never intentional, but upon meeting him she eventually fell too deep in love with the latter. She turned jealous of Shyama due to her feelings for Nikhil. Time and again, Maam tried to get rid of Shyama, but all in vain. From trying to poison Nikhil’s mind about Shyama to disagreeing to sign the divorce papers to maintain her position in his life, she did it all! Maam then tried her best to get rid of Shyama from Nikhil’s life but it only led to her own death at the end.

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