Krishnakoli: Here’s why we totally want Krishna and Munni to meet and develop a sisterly bond

Krishna and Munni, the two sisters in Krishnakoli, haven’t yet met, but here’s why we want them to discover each other and develop a beautiful bond.

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November 25, 2020



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Post the 18-year leap,  Bengali TV serial Krishnakoli introduced a few new characters. Krishna (the daughter of Nikhil and Shyama) and Munni (the daughter of Ashok and Disha) are two such new introductions. With that, we witnessed some really interesting turns in Krishnakoli. Although both Krishna and Munni are daughters of the Choudhury family, they have no clue about each other’s existence. While Krishna lives in Benares with Shyama (played by Tiyasha Roy), Munni is in Kolkata with Nikhil (played by Neel Bhattacharya) and the rest of their family. Although the two do not know each other or about their relationship yet, we think they would make for a fabulous sisterly duo. And then, sisters deserve to know each other, don’t they? We are keen for Krishna and Munni to discover each other and we’re pretty sure it would add an interestin angle to Krishnakoli.

Watch what will happen next on Krishnakoli here:

1. Timid vs Bold

We believe so because as opposite as Krishna and Munni’s personalities are, they would complement each other very well. While Krishna is a rather timid and soft-spoken girl, Munni is bold and outspoken, which sometimes hurts the feelings of her close ones. Krishna could potentially help Munni understand the need to be polite and soft with them. On the other hand, Krishna could get some tips from Munni on how to sternly deal with people and situations that seem troublesome.

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2. The closet cues

While on one hand Munni only dresses in Westernwear, Krishna is always seen wearing traditional Indian attires. If the two meet, they could possibly help each other explore the two distinct styles of clothing and find what suits them from the other’s closet as well. We all love taking a few fashion cues from our sisters, do we not?

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3. A best friend

If Krishna and Munni meet as sisters, they would be fortunate enough to have a new best friend in their own family to share their lives. Krishna and Munni have both grown up as single children in their respective households. Having a sister this close to their age would mean having a best friend for the two.

4. A chance to have a different lifestyle

While Krishna could stand a chance to live a more urban life, Munni could also have a chance at a rather relaxed life if the city life got too overwhelming. They would also be able to enjoy the company of all of their loved ones together under one roof.

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5. A reunion of Nikhil and Shyama

The meeting of Krishna and Munni as sisters would also mean a potential or immediate reunion of long-lost lovers and partners in marriage, Nikhil and Shyama. This would bring the now-broken Choudhury family together and fill the void that exists at the moment.

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