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Krishnakoli: Here’s how Krishna could possibly learn to cope with the nonsense thrown by Munni

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 18, 2021

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Unless Krishna takes a strong stand for herself and sees Munni for who she is soon, we really cannot determine how safe she is around the latter.

Krishnakoli stars popular actors such as Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil and Tiyasha Roy as Shyama in lead roles. Since Shyama and Krishna have been living under the same roof for a while now, Munni has developed a significant amount of distaste for Krishna. Due to this, Munni has continued to put Krishna through a lot of trouble, and it is high time that the latter takes a stand for herself.

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Having grown up as the only child in a joint family, Munni was used to being the centre of attention at all times. She also had major possessiveness in her personality. So when Krishna arrived at the Choudhury household, Munni did not like how Nikhil’s attention got divided between the two of them. And this led her to constantly pestering, conspiring against, and troubling Krishna, but in a clever way where nobody ever found out.

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An innocent Krishna, who calls Munni her sister as a sign of respect and adoration, never really realised how evil Munni can get towards her. However, we truly believe that if Krishna wants to be safer, she will need to bring about some basic changes in her own personality. Being too vulnerable and accepting of people is not always the smartest choice to make. Given how wicked Munni is, Krishna’s blind trust in her needs to be kept in check. Otherwise, she will continue to take advantage of Krishna’s innocence and sweetness, and relentlessly use them against her.

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Krishna also needs to be more vocal about her opinions and be outspoken at the time of need. Setting some clear communication with Nikhil and the rest of the Choudhury family would benefit her in the long run as well. Instead of obeying everything that Munni tells her, Krishna needs to either have a mind of her own or resort to a smarter and more rational person, preferably an adult from within the family.

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As nice and pure innocence is, it also brings the con of being taken advantage of, by villainous people in our lives. Similarly, Krishna’s purity is not something that Munni is mature enough to recognise. Thus, to be safe, Krishna needs to be more proactive when it comes to taking her own decisions.

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