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Krishnakoli: Ananya and Aniruddho’s potential chemistry seems highly promising; have a look!

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 17, 2021

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Have you watched Krishnakoli’s Ananya and Raunak’s dance performance yet? If not then, now is the time to do so!

Krishnakoli stars Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil and Tiyasha Roy as Shyama in lead roles and the show has introduced many new characters of late. The most recent addition is that of Aniruddho, who is being played by Raunak Dey Bhowmick, and it is evident that Munni has taken great interest in the handsome boy. We are sure that they would make for a lovely on-screen pair because their chemistry is killing us already!

Watch what will happen next on Krishnakoli here:

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Recently, Ananya Guha, who plays the role of Munni, took to her Instagram to share an adorable reels video with Raunak Dey Bhowmick. In the video, Ananya and Raunak were seen dancing together on a beautiful romantic Bollywood song and we are in absolute awe of how good they look together. Dressed in their on-screen attires, Ananya looked beautiful in a long black gown while Raunak looked handsome and dapper in a brown leather jacket, white tee and dark blue denim pants.

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Their performance was no less brilliant than their electrifying chemistry. Thus, we are sure that if the two turn out to be a potential on-screen couple, we will not be disappointed at all. In the caption, Ananya jokingly wrote that they looked funny dancing together. She also mentioned how Neel Bhattacharya, her on-screen Papa, had made the edit of their performance.

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While Ananya teased us with this performance alongside Raunak, her fans could not stop talking about the pairing. While some complimented the couple and wrote about how cute they looked together, others speculated if Aniruddho and Munni would actually be paired with each other. A few followers were also seen wondering if Aniruddho would be paired opposite Krishna in Krishnakoli. Although it is not fully evident who Aniruddho will end up with, Ananya’s reels video has gotten us pretty excited to see what will come next for these two on the show.

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