Krishnakoli actor Neel Bhattacharya does a ‘Moments 2020’ for his best friends on Instagram, and our hearts are melting

Krishnakoli fame Neel Bhattacharya’s bromance with his friends on their boys trip just cannot be missed out on!

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December 22, 2020


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As and when a year nears its end, most of us tend to reminisce our memories of the good times spent in that duration. So when Krishnakoli‘s Neel Bhattacharya, who plays the role of Nikhil, shared his favourite moments with his friends from 2020, it was a heartwarming set of photos to look at. Neel Bhattacharya took to his Instagram recently to share around 9 photos of his closest friends from their recent boys trip. Here’s a look at some of the cutest ones!

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Piggyback rides please?

In the first photo that Neel shared with one of his friends, the duo looked adorable as Neel posed in a piggyback ride on his friend. Looking cosy in their warm clothes and jackets, they looked the jolliest in each other’s company.

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A kiss sandwich

Neel is known for being expressive on his social media and in real life. So seeing his friends being just as openly loving towards him and sandwiching him with a kiss was just a very fulfilling thing.

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The trio in brown

Krishakoli fame Neel Bhattacharya was seen in good spirits in another photo as he hung out with two other friends while all of them wore brown jackets. The candid photo captured them in a candid mood.

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Head on my shoulders(or chest?)

In another photo, Neel was seen adorably resting his head on one of the friends’ shoulders while on the other hand, a friend rested his head on Neel’s chest in another photo. These were very sweet moments to witness as we all might still be missing some of our friends, thanks to the pandemic. Regardless, their adorable bromance melted our hearts without a doubt.

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