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Krishnakoli actor Mishmee Das has a fascinating tattoo inspired by the chakras! See more of her tattoo love

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December 21, 2020

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Mishmee Das, who plays Sunaina on Krishnakoli, has a meaningful back tattoo on her back. Here’s what the 7 chakras on her back mean!

The popular drama television show Krishnakoli now stars a new actor Mishmee Das as Sunaina. This new character of Sunaina played by Mishmee Das has been a new introduction on the show since it took the huge 18-year leap in time. An interesting fact about Mishmee is that she possesses an extremely fascinating and detailed back tattoo consisting of 7 chakras. And this tattoo of hers is only one among a few other interesting ones!

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The meaning behind the tattoo

Earlier this year, Mishmee Das shared a detailed post about her special back tattoo. Mishmee, who has shared other photos of her fascinating tattoo in the past, opened up about what this one really meant in the post. In her caption, she addressed that people often ask her the meaning behind the 7 chakras and explained that a chakra translates into a wheel and represents the flow of energy in one’s body.

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The 7 Chakras

Mishmee went into further details explaining how the 7 chakras in a human body regulate one’s emotions and locating them could help them in healing their emotional and physical wounds. She stated that the 7 chakras present are the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. While listing them out, Mishmee also revealed the placements of them in one’s body to enlighten her followers on her tattoo.

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In other posts, Mishmee has also shown-off a few of her other tattoos. In another photo, Mishmee was seen rocking a beautiful forearm tattoo that read, ‘Carpe Diem,’ in a very pretty cursive font.

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Mishmee also shared a photo of her leg tattoos. The actress has a meaningful phrase, ‘hold on or let it go’ written in halves on both her legs near the ankles.

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