Krishnakoli: 5 instances that prove Nikhil’s love for Shyama is still alive despite them being away for 18 years

Does love fade with time? Krishnakoli’s Nikhil proves that no matter what, love stays strong.

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November 26, 2020



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The popular Bengali television show Krishnakoli, that recently took a leap in time of 18-years, saw several changes in the lives of the characters. Along with the progress in their ages, there was a significant change in the relationships and their dynamics. A major change that took place was in the relationship of the lead characters, Nikhil (played by Neel Bhattacharya) and Shyama (played by Tiyasha Roy). Their separation changed their lifestyles and responsibilities. Although Shyama lost all memory of the past, it is evident that Nikhil’s love for her is still as steady as ever.

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1. A heartbroken Nikhil turned alcoholic

In the first episode after the leap on the show, Nikhil was seen heading to a bar early in the day when it had not properly opened. He was seen reminiscing his memories with Shyama from the past while drinking. A heartbroken Nikhil pondered over the thoughts of his lost relationship with Shyama.

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2. Nikhil reminisced his memories with Shyama

Recently after consoling Munni of her concerns, Nikhil was seen thinking to himself why Shyama left him. He wondered if Shyama was doing okay in life and if she gets to eat properly. He got emotional thinking of how she must have completely forgotten about him although he was missing her.

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3. Nikhil tried to find out what happened to Shyama

Nikhil met the doctor after he requested him to visit him one last time. A heartbroken Nikhil tried to ask the dying doctor if he knew something about Shyama’s disappearance or their child’s whereabouts. Nikhil also admitted that he has looked for Shyama all these years  but it was in vain, and that he failed to keep her out of his mind since she left his life.

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4. Nikhil went through Shyama’s letters

Soon after, Nikhil ended up going through Shyama’s last two letters. He thought of how the letters have continued to burden him and his heart for the last 18-years. Although Nikhil knew that the letters were the only tangible connection he had left with Shyama, he also realised that his memories with Shyama hurt him to this day.

5. Krishna’s singing reminded Nikhil of Shyama’s voice

When the entire Choudhury family went to the temple to hear Krishna sing, her voice immediately reminded Nikhil of Shyama’s love for singing. He could not resist thinking about the countless times Shyama’s beautiful voice filled up his ears.

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