Krishnakoli 5 April 2021 Written Update: The youngsters plan to see the village

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April 6, 2021



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In the previous episode of Krishnakoli, Basanta gets two pots of date palm nectar for everyone. Shyama worries about Aniruddha’s love for Krishna. Later, Radha calls up Montu and asks him to execute things as per plan.

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In the latest episode of Krishnakoli, Shyama sees Radha speaking on the phone and asks her whom she was speaking with. Radha lies that she was making plans for the youngsters to go see the village. But when Shyama says Nikhil has already made plans for it and he and Basanta plan to go along with the kids so they do not get lost, Radha is in a quandary.

To get Nikhil and Basanta out of the way, Radha decides to tell them they have work to do at home and assigns them the job of preparing the `bhog’ for the puja.  She tells Krishna that the youngsters would be more comfortable if they were on their own. She tells Nikhil to asks his elder brother to accompany them, Radha tells him that Aniruddha is perfectly capable of taking care of the three girls and praises Ani. Ani’s mother is skeptical and thinks Radha may have an ulterior motive.

Krishna says she will stay back to help her mother as she does not want to come between Munni and Ani. But Nikhil insists she go along. Radha is worried that her plan will fail if Krishna does not go. Ultimately, when Krishna agrees to go, Radha heaves a sigh of relief while Ani is very happy. Just then Gopal comes and says he will accompany them. He tells Nikhil and the others they need not worry as he knows the village perfectly well, since he is from this village.

When the youngsters leave, Shyama’s right eye starts fluttering. Her sister-in-law, Papiya, says this is not a good sign. To divert attention, Radha says something must have gone in her eye and fusses over Shyama. Shyama prays to God to take care of the kids.

Right before leaving, Krishna goes to fetch an umbrella for Ani. When she returns, he teases her and asks her who will hold the umbrella for him. Krishna says since he is the guest, she will hold it for him, though she says its better if he held his own umbrella. Radha watches them without being seen.

Radha then goes and calls up Montu and once again Shyama sees her talking to him.  Shyama finds Radha to be restless and wonders who she keeps talking to secretly.  She wonders if she should ask Radha what the problem is. Just then, Nikhil bumps into her with firewood. When he asks Shyama why she looks worried, Shyama tells him that Radha has been calling up someone and is discussing some problem with him.

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