Krishnakoli 4 November 2020 Written Update: Shyama’s departure shatters Nikhil

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November 4, 2020



3 min


In the previous episode of Krishnakoli, Dr. Choudhury reveals Maam’s plan and informs the Choudhurys about Shyama’s pregnancy. Later, Nikhil thinks that Shyama has voluntarily left him.

Watch what will happen next on Krishnakoli:

In this episode of Krishnakoli, Basanta requests the police to find Shyama. The police take away Dr. Choudhury. The Choudhurys discuss Maam’s behaviour. Nikhil gets shattered on reading Shyama’s letter and wonders about the reason behind Shyama’s departure.

Later, Nikhil wonders if Shyama has possibly been kidnapped. He misunderstands Shyama’s actions and thinks about what Shyama wanted to tell him. Nikhil reads the letters written by Shyama and speaks about Maam’s role in his life.

Elsewhere, the truck in which Shyama had fallen into, halts at a place. When the truck driver and his helper get down to have food, the police question them about the goods in their truck. While checking the goods, the police officer gets a call about an accident.

Nikhil behaves hysterically and speaks about his unborn child. He gets mad at Shyama for leaving for selfish reasons and calls her a liar. Arun tries to calm down Nikhil and tells him that Shyama’s picture has been circulated and she will be found soon. Nikhil also tells Arun that Shyama has left them willingly and that there is no need to find her.

Nikhil and Sujata speak about Shyama. He tells her that it is possible that someone else must have become a part of her life. In a fit of rage, Nikhil breaks the photo frames having his and Shyama’s pictures.

The truck in which Shyama is travelling reaches Benares. Basanta feels worried about Shyama and thinks about Maam’s activities. The Choudhurys learn that Shyama was taken away in a blue car. Arun informs his family that a similar car has met with an accident on the way.

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