Krishnakoli 30 August 2021 Written Update: Nikhil Visits Shyama at Night

Nikhil meets Shyama at night by entering her room. Shyama is utterly surprised by his unexpected visit.


September 2, 2021


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In the previous episode of the Zee Bangla show Krishnakoli, Shinjini goes to meet Amarendra Chakraborty. She tells him she knows that the INR 70 crore order given by an international company to Suswadu Masala Company owned by the Choudhury family is fake as no international company by that name exists. This deal would make the Choudhury family bankrupt as once they make the product, they would have nowhere to sell it. She says she read his company details and knows it’s fake. She says she has not come to expose him but instead help him find Nikhil. In exchange, he will have to destroy the Choudhury family. On returning home Shinjini asks says she would like to meet Nikhil. But Shyama says she cannot let anyone meet him. Arun thanks Shyama for signing the agreement papers and Shinjini is happy that Shyama has fallen into Amarendra’s trap.

In the current episode of Krishnakoli, while Shinjini insists on meeting Nikhil, Shyama asks Shinjini about her relatives so that they can invite them for the wedding. Shinjini says she has no one and Shyama offers to represent her family at the wedding. Everyone is excited about Dodo and Shinjini’s wedding.

When she is alone, Shinjini plans to search Shyama’s room and hopes to find some clue about Nikhil’s whereabouts there but dismisses the idea as there is always someone in her room. She then thinks of getting hold of her mobile phone which is always lying around.

She hears a knock on her door and finds it’s Askok. Ashok who has all along suspected Shinjini, finds her drinking alcohol. However, he says he does not mind. Shinjini asks him questions about his ashram and puts him in a spot. He warns Shinjini against Shyama and offers to help her in case Shyama makes her life difficult. Shinjini then hears a sound and goes to see who it is.

Meanwhile, Nikhil enters Shyama’s room and surprises her. He says he returned from overseas as he was worried about Sujata. He then asks her about Dodo and his to-be bride and asks Shyama if he should meet them before leaving.

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