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Kourtney Kardashian Expresses Her Love Towards Travis Barker In A Unique Way; Fans Fawn Over Her Gesture


December 23, 2021

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are the sweetest couples. They never miss a chance to express their love for each other and recently Kourtney made an adorable gesture that took social media by surprise

When couples demonstrate their love for one another and give fans a glimpse into their personal lives, it’s a sight to behold. And when it comes to the Kardashians, we can’t afford to overlook any facts. Kourtney Kardashian recently wore lovely new jewellery to demonstrate her love for Travis Barker. On Tuesday, December 21, the 42-year-old television personality presented a stunning necklace with Travis’, the drummer’s initials.

The two pendants featured the initials “T” and “B” carved out with diamond, expressing her affection for her potential spouse, and Kourtney uploaded the selfie on her Instagram story. Kourtney looked stunning as she flaunted the jewellery. She appeared to be going through her night regimen since she was wearing a puffy white bathrobe and her facial expression suggested she was preparing herself for bed. In either case, she was stunning. She sketched a heart surrounding the new jewellery with her fiancé’s initials, but the focus was on the fresh jewellery.

While Kourtney has been open about her affections for Travis, the musician has been open about his feelings for Kourtney in recent Instagram Stories. Travis posted an Instagram photo of his favourite tattoo from his fave tattooist. He provided a link to verify that his favourite artist was really his fiancée, and the print was a minor part that simply wrote, “I love you.” Later, he published a doodle with his and Kourtney’s names scribbled in hearts on a scrap of notebook paper. On the paper was also inscribed, “I love you, my baby.”

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Travis and Kourtney are most likely looking forward to spending some bonding time together over the holidays. According to a source connected to Kourtney, she wished to get Travis something memorable for their first Christmas together as a couple. Kourtney is incredibly generous around the holidays and when it relates to gift-giving. The source stated, “The one topic she is stumped on right now is what to give Travis.” According to the source, the couple was already purchasing for each other’s children as if they were their own kids.

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