Kollam Murder Case: Man Murders Wife By Using A Poisonous Snake; Serpent’s Postmortem Underway

Man murders his wife by using a snake. Postmortem reports of the serpent are awaited for further investigation.

Neel Raju Nalawade

May 26, 2020


2 min


A mysterious murder case was recently reported in Kollam, Kerala. A man used a poisonous snake to murder his wife. Kerala DGP Loknath Behera informed that for a thorough investigation, a postmortem of a snake is being conducted. The serpent’s DNA will be extracted for analysis. He further told that this case is a pre-planned murder by the woman’s husband, who purchased the poisonous snake with the sole intention to kill his wife. The DGP called the case “peculiar” and said that it needs to be investigated with the support of law and science. The DNA test of the snake will be conducted in Hyderabad or Chennai as Kerala does not have any such facility. (ANI)

The DGP claims that this is the first time that they are conducting a DNA test of a dead snake to furnish evidence for strengthening the case. While its postmortem is underway, its DNA will be extracted soon for the purpose of further studies. He has ordered the officials to file a charge sheet in the case within 90 days.

The police team has arrested the husband named Sooraj, after he confessed to the crime. According to the police, on May 6 at midnight, Sooraj brought a snake with him and hid it inside his bag. After seeing his wife asleep, he threw it on her to give her a poisonous death.

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