Kolkata Puja Pandal Conceptualizes Goddess Durga as Migrant Worker

This Kolkata Pandal depicts Goddess Durga as a migrant worker, fighting hunger in such difficult times. Have a look at how the idol was created to fit the concept.

Sania Kader

October 21, 2020

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Durga Puja, this year, is being celebrated in a slightly different fashion with a bunch of Coronavirus related restrictions in place. The Barisha Club Puja Pandal, in Kolkata, has been gaining attention for the unique Goddess idol they created this year. Through this sculpture, Goddess Durga has been represented as a migrant worker who is walking home, barefoot, with a bunch of children while simultaneously fighting starvation. The idea of this concept is to speak about the plight of migrant workers who suffered heavily due to the COVID lockdown.

Have a look at the special sculpture at Kolkata’s Barisha Puja Pandal:

This unique Goddess Durga idol showcases Maa Durga as a strong rural woman who has set out to fight hunger with a few sacks of food grains. She is spotted without any weapons or jewellery, sticking to the concept and theme. This idol aims at shedding some light on the plight of migrant workers and is also an ode to all the labourers who lost their lives amidst the lockdown. Goddess Durga is seen holding up a toddler in her left hand while two young children stand on her either sides.

The sculpture has been created by Pallab Bhowmick while the concept was developed by Rintu Das. He is a celebrated art director who has worked on a number of famous Pandals in Kolkata. It has been moulded and created out of fibreglass, giving it a longer life when compared to clay idols. It was made from scratch, in a span of two months, before the commencement of Durga Puja 2020. The Pandal plans on preserving this sculpture as an art exhibit instead of using it for worship purposes. The social message has been put forth in a loud and impactful manner, leaving people around the country, stunned at the level of creativity.

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Durga Puja celebrations have been greatly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic this year. Huge gatherings have been prohibited, forcing devotees to stay indoors this festive season. However, people have been coming up with creative ideas to spread a message of oneness and unity. A number of virtual Durga Pujas events are also being conducted through social media platforms.

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