Kolkata High Court Questions State Government’s Aid of Rs. 50,000 To Durga Puja Clubs

The court questioned the Mamata Banerjee administration if the decision was a democratic one and was the same done during Eid celebrations previously

Raghav N

October 16, 2020

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The Kolkata High Court has questioned the West Bengal Government’s decision to give 50,000 rupees to Durga Puja Pandals across the city. The Mamata Banerjee administration had announced this monetary grant to more than 30,000 Pujo committees last month to organize the most revered festival of the Bengal region.

The judicial body has asked for the government to explain the intent of this initiative after a petition was filed in this matter. The bench raised a point on whether this is a democratic practice and if such measures were taken for example, during the Eid celebrations.

While the defendant said that the money would enable the organizing clubs to purchase masks and sanitisers to control the Coronavirus infections, the court countered this claim citing that the equipment could have been purchased and distributed by the government itself.

The judicial bench further said that with all schools and other places shut down due to the pandemic, the Durga Puja celebrations will only lead to a surge in the cases. The administration will have to present a proper plan on how it will ensure that all COVID19 guidelines are followed during the grand celebrations.

Another point discussed was that if the police will do everything to ensure the events are safe, how do the organizers justify the money received by them.

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