Know Who is Online On WhatsApp Without Opening the App Using This Simple Trick

Did you know that you can see if someone is online on Whatsapp without being online yourself? Here’s how.

Pooja Dhar

November 3, 2020


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WhatsApp is one of the very few social media applications that has maintained its popularity over the years and its user base still remains very high. As time goes by, all the applications come up with new and more advanced updates that help improve the way in which the applications are being used. Besides updates, there have also been many different types of hacks that have been coming up. With WhatsApp, one of the most awaited feature that the users are eager to know about is how to check if a person is online without appearing online themselves or opening the application. The users of Whatsapp will now be happy to know that this has been made possible through a very simple trick. Read further ahead in order to know how one can check if somebody is online on WhatsApp without opening the application.

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Steps to follow in order to know who is online on WhatsApp without opening the application:

  1. First, download the GB WhatsApp application on your smartphone. GB WhatsApp is a more advanced version of WhatsApp that has many more fun features than the normal and original version of the application.
  2. After downloading the application, go to the GB WhatsApp settings.
  3. As the options to change the settings will appear, choose the Main/ Chat Screen option.
  4. Then, select the Contact Online Toast option.
  5. After selecting Contact Online Toast a list of options will appear, choose the Show Contact Online Toast option.
  6. Once you have successfully followed all the steps mentioned above, the feature that you wished for will get activated. Now, whenever the contact that you have selected comes online, this application will send you a notification.

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Recently, WhatsApp had been in the news for launching the latest Dark Mode feature. The mode turns the interface of the application into a dark theme, making usage easy on the eyes. According to The Verge, this feature in the WhatsApp had been launched after months of beta testing and is functional on the applications in all iOS and Android mobile smartphones. The application will automatically switch over to the dark mode if the dark mode has been enabled in the smartphones having either Android 10 or iOS 13. In mobile phones with Android 9, this theme has to be enabled from the settings menu of the application.

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