Kirill Dmitriev Clears the Air About 92% Efficacy Rate of Sputnik V Vaccine for COVID

RDIF CEO, Kirill Dmitriev recently spoke about the efficacy rate of Sputnik V vaccine, displaying confidence in the numbers that they have achieved through data. Have a look at the interview here.

Sania Kader

November 13, 2020

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The Sputnik V vaccine from Russia has lately been in the news for its remarkable efficacy rate of 92%. In a recent interview with an Indian journalist, Kirill Dmitriev, the CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), spoke about the new vaccine and how they achieved the efficacy rate of 92%. The team is quite confident about this vaccine and plans on sticking to the November-December 2020 deadline.

Have a look at the ZEE5 interview with Kirill Dmitriev, revealing details about Sputnik V here:

Kirill Dmitriev from RDIF is quite confident about the efficacy rate of their vaccine, Sputnik V. He revealed in the interview that they have already started using the vaccine on doctors and are planning to expand production in the next few months.

Kirill Dmitriev shed some light on how the efficacy rate was achieved and measured. He said, “92% is the data that speaks and not Russia. And the data speaks that after we have the phase 3 trials on the 16,000 volunteers, who received two shots, basically, after 21 days from the first shot, we saw a 92% efficiency. Also, twenty people who were infected were proved to have COVID. We have several other checkpoints, the next one is 39 infected people and we have a couple of more. So whenever we reach this checkpoint, the data gets unblinded and our researchers seize the efficacy rate.”

Kirill Dmitriev said that the efficacy rate is quite positive as anything above a 50% efficacy rate is considered to be a good vaccine. He also revealed that a few flu vaccines only have an efficacy of 30-40% efficacy and hence anything above 90 is highly significant. He said, “This data is confirmed outside of clinical trials because now Russian people are being vaccinated outside the clinical trials. Our doctors and others are receiving the vaccine and we also see more than 90% efficacy based on 10,000 doctors who have been vaccinated outside of clinical trials. So that is a very positive good news and we are hopeful that other data points will also produce positive good news.”

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The data is from the 21st day after the first shot and they believe that the vaccine reaches its true potential only after the second shot which takes close to 28-42 days. According to Kirill Dmitriev, the complete data on 40,000 people is yet to be released and is expected to clear off doubts about the efficacy rate of Sputnik V vaccine. It is an organic vaccine and has been studied for decades and hence they have had very safe data and results.

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