Kids in California Enjoy a COVID-Safe Halloween; Here’s How

Families in California keep up the Halloween spirit but ensured their children’s safety, here’s how.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

November 3, 2020

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Halloween is observed on October 31 across many countries in the world. The day is dedicated to remembering the dead, saints, martyrs and all those faithfully departed. Amid the Pandemic, as the government eased a few lockdown restrictions for families in San Diego, a suburb of Carlsbad who wanted their children to enjoy the annual Halloween celebrations like every year. They ensured their children should enjoy the festival but in a Covid-19 safe way. Parents and costumed children managed to enjoy the usual trick-or-treating amid the Pandemic.

Kelly Wos, a parent from Carlsbad said, “We’re just with our families and close neighbours and not really spreading ourselves that way.” Studies have shown that the virus could be transmitted through sharing candies but families are ensuring a safe traditional Halloween and have been allowing children to go door to door to collect candies. A local Chevaughn Aitcheson said, “We’re trying to have fun, but we’re also trying to stay moderate and safe.”

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A family in Carlsbad also organised a smaller scale trick-or-treat across neighbourhood families and neighbour. Parents wanted their kids to experience the Halloween feeling, but with Covid-19 people are ensuring that a few safety regulations are also followed. A local also said that people have been touching things and since they are kids, parents have to be sure to sanitise everything and enjoy Halloween safely.

A family in San Deigo delivered candies to kids using a Candy canon. It was one of the safest and the most intelligent way to ensure kids enjoyed Halloween, while safe distance was also kept. Several locals also took their children to the Pumpkin Polar Palooza where they were able to play on inflated slides and other activities surrounded by hundreds of pumpkins.

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