Kick Off Monday Blues With Dance Forms Inspired By Auto Shankar’s Samyuktha Hegde

If you’re a groovy person then here are some dance forms that you must know about and take up


September 7, 2020


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When it comes to working out, no one better than our Samyuktha Hegde who can tell us how to keep ourselves active during this unfortunate period of quarantine. While the government is taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves active and healthy while staying at home. Speaking of which, Samyuktha Hegde has been doing a lot of dancing during her time at home. Here are 5 dance forms that are not only fun but also help you remain fit and in shape. 


Zumba is a mixed dance of salsa and merengue. It is universally known as the dance form that can be taken up anywhere and everywhere if you’re looking to be fit. As Zumba focuses on the entire body, it is the best kind of exercise which is not only fun but can help in reducing stress as it requires music.

Hip Hop 

If you are someone who is concerned about the mid part of your body, then Hip Hop is just what you must opt for as it is comprised of an intensive routine that focuses on the hips and the waist. This not only helps in losing fat in those areas but also makes you more flexible and strong there.

A still of Samyuktha Hegde

Belly Dancing 

Belly dancing is an exotic dance that originates from Egypt but is now practised and performed worldwide. The form focuses on the lower part of your body which is mostly the hips, back, buttocks and abs. If you’re looking for a form that is fancy and a little less common, then belly dancing is just what you need.


If all you want to do is move, then without thinking twice, start freestyle dancing. You do not need to worry about dance steps or body movements! All you need to do is dance away the way our Auto Shankar actress dances.

Pole Dance 

While you might be a little hesitant to even consider pole dancing an option, remember that all it takes is practice and consistency to master the dance form. Pole dancing can be good for your bones and joints as well as heart rate and blood flow in the body.

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