Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay: Radhika’s encounter with Janhavi is a reminder of how tactful she is

Radhika Sen does not tolerate nuisances like Janhavi but is smart about how to tackle it. And she proved it yet again!

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay stars Krushal Ahuja as Karna Sen and Swastika Dutta as Radhika Sen in lead roles. The show revolves around the highs and lows of the married couple, Karna and Radhika, and their families. It is highly impressive how well Radhika tackles the toughest and most complex situations. And her latest encounter with Janhavi simply proved it again!

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Janhavi, who was once romantically involved with Karna, has now made it back to Karna’s life. Her return has not only caused Karna a lot of annoyance, but she has also tried to instigate Radhika. She has repeatedly hit on Karna by sending him flowers, addressing him as K, attempting to get physically closer to him, and more.

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When Janhavi purposely made Karna wait till late in the office recently, Radhika got worried about him. A sweet Radhika, who had surprise plans for her husband, headed to Sen Creations to look for him out of concern. But to her absolute shock, she opened the door to Karna’s cabin to find Janhavi lustily hovering over him. In such a scenario, most partners are expected to be disappointed with or doubtful of their own partners. Some end up reacting outrageously or break it off with them too.

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However, Radhika did not do any such thing. Instead, she quietly listened to whatsoever Janhavi had to say in an attempt to provoke her. However, once Janhavi was done speaking, Radhika gave her a piece of her mind. And oh, how proud of her we are for it! Radhika made it clear to Janhavi that the latter  had no place in Karna’s current life. Radhika then added how unlike Janhavi, she is a part of his present-day and the coming future, to indicate how irrelevant Janhavi was.

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A quick-witted Radhika was also kind enough to invite Janhavi and her husband over to the Sen household for dinner. Her prompt invitation to them was a sign of immense confidence in her own relationship and a true slap-in-the-face of Janhavi for her misbehaviour. Although she had to be cordial due to Janhavi and her husband’s potential connection with Sen Creations, she did not hesitate to put Janhavi in her right place. Time and again, Radhika has proven her tactfulness regardless of what situation she is in. We hope she continues to tackle Janhavi just like this.

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