Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay promo: You will never guess who’s going to be the next model for Sen Creations

Although Thammi and Radhika’s relationship has been rocky so far, it looks like Thammi will have a change of heart soon!

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December 5, 2020


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The popular television show Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay which stars Swastika Dutta and Krushal Ahuja in lead roles, recently saw antagonist Payel Sen playing another one of her dirty games. This time Payel’s intent was to bring Radhika down in Thammi’s eyes by faking a complaint against her in Radhika’s name. Although she managed to create a huge scene at the Sen household by doing this, seems like Thammi will soon catch on to her cheap tricks.

Watch Thammi being the showstopper of the Sen Creations fashion show here:

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Another daughter-in-law of the Sen family, Payel, despises Radhika. She constantly tries to paint Radhika in a bad light. Recently, when Payel faked her identity as Radhika and complained about Thammi to an NGO, Thammi was shattered yet furious at Radhika. But in the recent trailer of the show, it looks like Thammi is set to have a huge change of heart towards her younger granddaughter-in-law, Radhika. In the video, she is seen walking down the ramp as the showstopper of the fashion show for Sen Creations, which Radhika and Karna were working on. Now that’s something none of us saw coming, isn’t it? Things are definitely taking an interesting turn hereon. If Radhika earns Thammi’s support, which we so wish she does, there will be no more obstacles on her way when it comes to her professional growth.

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Karna had informed Radhika about the real culprit behind the entire act. Karna told her how a friend of his helped him track the owner of the number that had called the NGO. It turned out to be Payel’s. But when he asked her to tell Thammi about Payel’s misdeeds, Radhika disagreed. Despite Radhika keeping this huge piece of the puzzle from Thammi, it will be interesting to see what will make Thammi suddenly be supportive of Radhika.

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A sensible and responsible member of the family, Radhika denied Karna’s suggestion to tell Thammi about Payel. While she explained that some things need to be kept private to maintain peace in a household, Radhika did not hesitate to bear the blame. Will Thammi finally turn in favour of Radhika after recognising her innocence and integrity and Payel’s cruel intents?

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