Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay: Krushal Ahuja and his character Karna Sen are poles apart, here’s why

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay fame Krushal Ahuja’s off-screen personality and his on-screen character are polar opposites, see how!

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December 11, 2020


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The popular television show Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay stars Krushal Ahuja in the lead role of Karna Sen. While on the show, he is an absolutely sophisticated man, a responsible husband and son of the Sen family, he is a completely different person off-screen. Karna might be a calm, collective and serious person but Krushal is a fun, upbeat and adventurous guy in real-life! Let’s find out how.

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Always grooving to the beat

While Karna is a very serious man on the show who is never really seen shaking a leg or grooving to beats, Krushal has an immense love for dance. In a recent video on his Instagram, Krushal gave a quick performance to a very popular song by a famous Indian rapper. Now, we cannot imagine Karna in his shoes, can we?

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A shirtless dive

Karna is usually fully dressed in either Indian traditional wear, formal work outfits or casual laid-back looks. But in another video on Krushal’s Instagram, the actor took a much enjoyable shirtless dive into a welcoming blue swimming pool with one of his friends. We do not get such glimpses of Krushal on the show either, right? This wasn’t the first time we spotted him shirtless.

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Trek it up to the top

Krushal also shares a deep love for outdoor adventures, while Karna is mostly working when he is not at home. The actor’s followers recently witnessed his Himachal trip through his eyes. Krushal shared a short yet mesmerising video of his trek up to a mountain top that had a jaw-dropping view and the cutest little dog waiting to be pet.

A rider

Krushal also shared a video where he was seen driving a robust Royal Enfield bike on the hilly roads of the Himachal while Karna has never even been seen being standing close to one. He rocked a sporty look of a bright yellow hoodie, a black jacket on top, a pair of black joggers and a beanie while Karna keeps it much simple on-screen.

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Shook a leg in a vibrant outfit

Karna is a man who seems slightly rigid with his physical movements and usually wears sober simple outfits. On the other hand, Krushal indulges in funky colourful attires and never misses a beat while grooving to a song on his Instagram videos. Sporting a bright blue jacket and a pair of red shoes, Krushal danced away on a terrace to another fun Hindi song.

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