Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay: Here’s why we think Payel Sen is the most shameless member of the Sen family

Payel Sen’s unashamed and audacious behaviour is simply unbelievable for us to witness as she slowly goes back to her old evil ways.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 25, 2021



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Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay stars Krushal Ahuja as Karna Sen and Swastika Dutta as Radhika Sen in lead roles. While the show has been focusing on Karna’s ex-lover, Janhvi’s nuisances lately, we could not help but notice the absolute shamelessness of Payel Sen. Despite causing the entire Sen family endless harm, being jailed, getting released on bail and still being allowed to re-enter the Sen residence, Payel seems to continue planning and plotting some way or the other.

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Not too long ago, Payel and Argha’s relentless conspiracies led them to be arrested by the police. Along with them was Payel’s father, who managed to get all three of them bailed out. After that, the couple made their way back to the Sen residency. While both Adinath and Anuradha were against the idea of the couple living with them again, Radhika’s pleas convinced them to do otherwise.

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While after all this, most people would come to their true senses and change for the better, the couple appears to have not changed one bit, especially Payel. From slyly checking Karna’s phone to attempting to redeem her image in front of the family members in order to get back her control over things, Payel is back to her good-old evil ways. She even tried to impress Mrs. Janhvi Dutta in hopes of developing business relationships with Mr. Dutta and her.

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Recently, when she noticed that something seemed off between Karna and Radhika, she decided to find out what it was. After discussing her intuitions with Argha about the reason being Janhvi, she decided to look for possible evidence in Karna and Radhika’s room and searched it thoroughly, but in vain. She did not stop there. Payel then went on to sneakily check Karna’s phone for solid proof and found Janhvi’s messages there.

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Upon realising that Karna and Radhika had hidden from everyone that Sen Creations’ new business partner was none other than Karna’s ex-girlfriend, she decided to disclose it to Anuradha. Hoping that acting like a wellwisher of the couple and informing Anuradha about it would contribute to her redeeming a positive image, she rushed to her. Acting guilty of her past misdeeds, Payel told Anuradha everything about Janhvi, acting as if she had changed for good. While Anuradha and Radhika have already started assuming that she is a nicer person, we simply cannot believe how unashamed Payel is. We are clueless as to when or how the woman will come to senses and be a better human being.

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