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Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay: Here’s how Doctor Dev’s presence could hinder Radhika and Karna’s potential reunion

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

May 14, 2021

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Here are four key reasons why we think Karna and Radhika’s possible reunion in the near future could be obstructed by doctor Dev!

Swastika Dutta and Krushal Ahuja star as Radhika and Karna in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay. After being completely apart for over five years, Radhika and Karna have been around each other a little, lately. While they have also shared a few adorable moments with each other as well, we think some trouble could be en route due to doctor Dev. Knowing his liking for Radhika, his presence could be an obstruction to Karna’s reunion with Radhika.

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1. Karna could get insecure about Dev

Karna recently met doctor Dev at Moni and Radhika’s house and seemed to have been noticeably awkward about it. Amongst various other reasons, Radhika’s longtime friendship with the doctor could potentially make Karna feel insecure, about his distanced bond with Radhika, to some extent. Given how much Abhi likes Dev and dislikes Karna, his insecurity could also increase with time!

dev, abhi and karna in ki kore bolbo tomay
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2. Misunderstandings for Karna-Radhika

Dev’s closeness to Radhika and, on the contrary, her reserved behaviour towards Karna could cause misunderstandings between the couple. While Dev likes Radhika, the latter has no reciprocating feelings for him. However, a lack of proper communication between Radhika and Karna could cause the latter to misinterpret her interests in Dev. More misunderstandings between them would obviously lead to more distance and delay in their reunion.

karna and radhika ki kore bolbo tomay
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3. Dev’s pure intentions might turn evil

While doctor Dev appears to be a rather sweet fellow who genuinely wishes the best for Radhika, we can never really predict how or when someone could turn evil. One-sided lovers often end up conspiring against the pre-existing romantic relationships of the people they are interested in. It would not be the biggest surprise if Dev chose to walk down that path too, eventually, in hopes of having Radhika to himself.

abhi, radhika and dev in ki kore bolbo tomay
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4. Abhi’s love for Dr. Dev but dislike for Karna

Being Abhi’s doctor, Dev has been around Radhika and the little one for a long time now. Abhi loves Dev and calls him bhaalo uncle, and dislikes Karna immensely while calling him raagi uncle. His preference for Dev over Karna is evident. Given how much Abhi means to Radhika, we fear that she might have to succumb to what the little Abhi wants and choose Dev, instead of following her heart when it comes to reuniting with Karna.

karna and abhi in ki kore bolbo tomay
Source: ZEE5

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