Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay 8 January 2021 Written Update: Karna plots against Payel and Trisha

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January 11, 2021



2 min


In the previous episode of Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay, Sonali enters the Sen house with Bably under false pretences. She pretends to mourn for his son’s demise as she plans on staying with Bably in Karna’s house.

Karna and Radhika hear her talk that her son will enjoy all of Sen’s property. Upon being questioned, Sonali lies right through her teeth. Karna and Radhika crosscheck what they just heard. They grow suspicious of Sonali’s real intention. Later, Radhika gets puzzled when she overhears Sonali and Payel’s conversation. Sonali notices her and starts questioning her a few things.

Watch what will happen next on Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay:

In this episode of Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay, Joy takes Sonali’s help to install a web camera in Karna’s living room to spy on Karna. He is excited to see how Karna will search for his dead body when he is still alive. He is sure that Karna will fail miserably. Sonali and Joy continue with their plot against the Sens. 

Karna and Radhika secretly discuss their plot. A suspicious Sonali tries to eavesdrop on their conversation, but Karna handles the situation very carefully. Trisha informs Karna that she forgot to fetch Karna’s property papers from Payel, leaving him utterly frustrated.

Karna contemplates about the whole situation with Payel and Trisha. He then plans to execute his new idea at Trisha’s pre-engagement dinner to beat Payel down. He thinks about consulting Radhika regarding this before making his move.  What will happen next? Stream Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5 Club Pack! Avail exclusive films, ZEE5 Originals, and series at just Re 1 per day!

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