Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay: 5 outrageous acts of Janhvi that are straight out of insanity and not love

Janhvi’s disgraceful behaviour has us thinking that she has simply gone crazy and is confusing it for being in love with Karna.

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February 23, 2021



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Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay stars Krushal Ahuja as Karna and Swastika Dutta as Radhika in lead roles. Love is known for its ability to overpower the normalcy of life and it often leads into the world of fantasy as well. However, we are beginning to be concerned about Karna’s ex-lover Janhvi and what she claims is her love for Karna Sen. With Janhvi crossing certain limits and the way that she acts and reacts to things, we are starting to believe that she might be losing her mind at this point.

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Janhvi has become the biggest troublemaker in Karna and Radhika’s marital life. Her continuous attempts to woo Karna away from Radhika and into her own arms have been more than just trouble to the married couple. Although she claims that she loves him, we truly think she might not be in her senses anymore.

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1. Seducing Karna in his cabin

When Karna tried to leave from office, Janhvi insisted he should stay back. A worried Radhika made her way there to find out where he was, only to find Janhvi forcibly hovering over him. Nobody in their right mind would try to seduce their business partner in their office despite knowing that both parties were married to other people. However, Janhvi did that and appeared to have zero remorse or shame even after Radhika caught her red-handed.

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2. Endless manipulation

Time and again, Janhvi has been seen manipulating Karna into either believing that they should definitely have an extra-marital affair or that she had improved and changed her ill ways. Constantly going back and forth between the two extremes, she seems to have grown desperate beyond the normal limits.

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3. Valentine’s Day dance

Karna and Radhika were also faced with immense embarrassment when Janhvi began dancing with Karna at the Valentine’s Day party. Radhika, obviously, felt humiliated at this and was upset while Karna was in immense discomfort. However, we cannot stop wondering what went through Janhvi’s mind when she decided to get so close to Karna, a married man, for a dance in front of numerous strangers at a party.

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4. Shameless closeness in bed

Later when she dropped the juice on Karna, the latter headed to his room and Janhvi followed. There, she pushed him onto his bed and tried her hardest to convince him that they should have an affair despite both their marriages. A frustrated Karna pushed her off and asked her to get out of his life while a heart-broken Radhika watched it all happen from outside the room. Janhvi’s relentless shamelessness made us question if she even understood or had any self-respect.

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5. Pretending to be Radhika

In a recent episode, Janhvi dressed up exactly as Radhika would. She tried to lure Karna into wanting her, stating she can do everything that Radhika can but much better than her. Catching Karna off-guard in his cabin, Janhvi got extra touchy, close, and persistent that she was much better than Radhika could ever be. It even made Karna question if she was in her right mind anymore and we could not agree more with him!

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