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Khasma Nu Khani 31 May 2022 Upcoming Story: Ranveer Duggal changes his mind


June 1, 2022

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Desho hastily gives up after learning about Ranveer Duggal’s plan to abandon his house for good. Will Ranveer Duggal and Desho be able to meet each other again?

In the next episode, Ranveer Duggal changes his mind about leaving the city for good without meeting Desho. He tells Maya that he intends on meeting and confronting Desho about her behaviour. In the interim, Desho requests Armaan’s mother to return to their native place with Purab as she loses hope about redeeming her rightful place in Ranveer Duggal’s life.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Armaan asks Desho to put her phone away and spend time with him. Desho explains that she just wishes to learn about the whereabouts of Armaan’s mother as well as Purab. Armaan pretends to buy Desho’s explanation and pulls out the recording device from his pocket. He questions Desho about placing the device in the room and Desho refuses to reply to Armaan. Just then, Armaan’s mother calls Desho at the behest of Ranveer Duggal but Armaan takes the call and tells his mother that Desho will no longer send the video to her for the sake of Ranveer Duggal’s perusal. He declares that Desho no longer needs Ranveer Duggal’s help and hangs up. Armaan’s mother begs Ranveer Duggal to help Desho escape Armaan’s clutches. Ranveer Duggal refuses to help Desho by stating his worries about Deshpreet’s wellbeing and dismisses Armaan’s mother. Ranveer Duggal plans to abandon his home for good and move to a place where Desho would not be able to find him.

Armaan deletes all evidences against him and promises to show his true colours to Desho. Eventually, Desho tells Armaan’s mother that finding Minnie is their only solution to prove Desho’s innocence. However, Desho worries that she might never be able to find Minnie. Away, Armaan calls his men and alerts them about Desho’s quest for Minnie as Purab’s eavesdrops. Desho reaches out to Minnie’s father and requests to learn her whereabouts but fails to trace her. Soon enough, Purab runs to Desho and tells her about Armaan’s phonecall. Maya urges Ranveer Duggal to reconsider his plan to leave the city for good but Ranveer Duggal justifies his decision. In solitude, Ranveer Duggal regrets his plan to leave memories of Desho and his family behind. He feels nostalgic and tells Deshpreet about his heart-breaking plan. Later, Armaan’s mother confronts Armaan about his behaviour.

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