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Khasma Nu Khani 30 May 2022 Upcoming Story: Armaan locates the camera


June 1, 2022

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Desho executes her plan smoothly but Armaan ends up locating the camera in their bedroom. Will Desho be able to talk Armaan out of his doubts and bring the truth before Ranveer Duggal?

In the next episode, Armaan locates the camera in the bedroom and confronts Desho about it leaving Desho lost for words. At the Duggals’ residence, Armaan’s mother realises that Desho has gotten into trouble and seeks Ranveer Duggal’s help. Ranveer Duggal expresses his shock as Armaan’s mother starts crying.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Desho recalls Armaan’s threats as she dresses up for spending the night with Armaan in an effort to bring his motives to the fore. Soon enough, Armaan’s mother urges Desho to reconsider her plan after noticing her hesitation but Desho refuses to deter from her plan. Desho promises to keep Armaan from making any advances and making Armaan admit the truth. Armaan’s mother hopes for Ranveer Duggal to forgive Desho but the latter refuses to expect his forgiveness and states that her only intention is to bring Armaan’ss truth to light. Armaan dresses up for his night with Desho and looks forward to spending his night with Desho. Armaan’s mother lauds Armaan’s constant effort in persuading Desho into accepting their marriage. Soon enough, Armaan’s mother offers to take Purab out with her in an effort to leave the couple by themselves.

Armaan starts getting confused as Armaan’s mother speaks cryptically. Meanwhile, Desho speaks to Deshpreet’s picture on her phone and promises to fight for her courageously. Purab takes pride in Desho’s wish to fight for her family and gives Desho a recording device concealed in a pen. Desho spots a pen stand in her room and places the pen. Well along, Armaan arrives in the bedroom with a bouquet for Desho and expresses his delight on seeing the bedroom decoration. Armaan tries to kiss Desho as soon as entering the room and Desho tries to avoid Armaan’s advances. Elsewhere, Ranveer Duggal starts feeling uneasy about Desho’s behaviour and tells Maya that he has not been thinking from his heart. Maya discourages Ranveer Duggal from reconsidering his decision about doing away with Desho. Away, Desho urges Armaan to close the door in an effort to distract him and prompts him by asking him a question. Soon, Armaan starts blurting the truth out about his actions in the heat of the moment. Desho manages to record the video and alerts Armaan’s mother about sending the video to her. She requests Armaan’s mother to return with Ranveer Duggal before it is too late. However, Armaan shows up behind Desho and snatches Desho’s phone from her hand.

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