Khasma Nu Khani 30 July 2021 Written Update: Momo calls out Desho’s cowardice

Will Desho give into Momo’s clever move and stay back to revive Ranveer Duggal’s business? To know what happens next on Khasma Nu Khani, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!


July 29, 2021

Khasma Nu Khani

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In the previous episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Desho justifies her actions and promises to leave his house for good once she is certain about him moving on in the true sense. Mrs Duggal approaches Ranveer Duggal with pictures of girls and he recounts Desho’s advice. He refuses to meet another girl and not spoil another girl’s life. He confronts his mother about asking Desho to leave and suggests that Desho has only returned to leave him again. Momo interjects their conversation and asks Ranveer Duggal to be more selfish. She asks Ranveer Duggal to take Desho’s help and allow her to get over her guilt in a bid to move on. Elsewhere, Simple scolds Minnie about failing to prepare a believable file but Armaan defends her. Momo and Desho have a candid conversation about her plans for the future.

In the next episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Armaan tries to pacify Simple as she gets apprehensive about Ranveer Duggal’s sudden visit but worries about his arrival himself. Armaan goes on to tell Simple that she is in the wrong to have fired Minnie without a valid reason and tries to shift her focus towards their impending meeting. Soon enough, Ranveer Duggal chairs a meeting with Simple and Armaan in Desho’s presence and takes a potshot at Desho. Later, he goes on to hand the entire company shares to the couple and washes his hands off the company once and for all leaving Desho shocked. The latter takes a stand and discourages Ranveer Duggal from giving the company away to Armaan but he refuses to heed her suggestions. Furthermore, Ranveer Duggal asks Armaan to prepare papers to take hold of his shares and Simple asks Desho to invest in their company in a condescending tone.

Mrs Duggal confronts Ranveer Duggal on learning about his plans from Desho and tells him that he cannot sell their company to random people. Ranveer Duggal turns the blame around on his step-mother and walks away without remorse. Momo and Desho insist Mrs Duggal to save the company by taking a stand but she expresses her helplessness. Elsewhere, Minnie packs her bags to leave the office for good but Armaan tries to pacify her in an inappropriate manner. Surprisingly, Minnie agrees to stay back for the sake of Armaan. Later that night, Armaan prepares legal papers for the company and celebrates with Simple. Just then, he receives a call from someone who wishes to buy the company from Armaan and Simple. Meanwhile, Simple wonders how the businessman learned about them selling off his company. Desho accepts her defeat and plans to leave the house of Duggal’s for good but Momo calls out Desho’s cowardice. What will happen next? Stream Khasma Nu Khani premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5! Avail exclusive films, ZEE5 Originals, and series at just Re 1 per day!

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