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Khasma Nu Khani 27 May 2022 Upcoming Story: Desho executes her plan


May 26, 2022

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Desho lays an elaborate trap and expects Armaan to reveal his truth in the midst of Desho’s intimate company. Will Armaan fall for Desho’s pretence and end up exposing himself?

In the next episode, Armaan’s mother gets worried about Desho as she plans to go forward with her plan to spend the night with Armaan. Desho reassures Armaan’s mother and plants a camera in Armaan’s room. Soon enough, Armaan feels delighted on learning that his mother is heading out with Purab.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Armaan lauds Ranveer Duggal’s thoughtful decision to rid Desho of Deshpreet’s responsibility. Armaan insists Desho sign the custody papers after telling Ranveer Duggal that Desho has made amends with him. Armaan’s mother tries to keep Desho from signing the custody papers by distracting Armaan. After hearing Armaan’s monologue, Ranveer Duggal asks Desho to sign the custody papers in an effort to kick start the legal proceedings towards assuming Deshpreet’s sole custody. Armaan senses Desho’s hesitation and asks Desho to sign the papers immediately. Purab and Armaan’s mother nod in disagreement as Desho grabs the pen. Desho asks Ranveer Duggal a question and signs the custody papers as Armaan questions Desho’s integrity. Armaan thanks Ranveer Duggal and expresses his happiness about Desho doing away with Deshpreet’s responsibilities.

Desho cries in solitude and laments her fate. Armaan’s mother consoles Desho and tries to empathise with Desho. However, the former doubts if Desho would be able to come clean and earn a place in Ranveer Duggal’s life again. Desho hopes to expose Armaan and earn Ranveer Duggal’s confidence again. Armaan’s mother tells Desho that it is an uphill task to expose Armaan and Desho feels confident about unveiling Armaan’s truth in front of Ranveer Duggal. Armaan’s mother urges Desho to make a foolproof plan as Ranveer Duggal expresses his plight to Deshpreet. He finally tells Maya about Desho giving away Deshpreet’s custody and tells Maya that they should never let Desho back into their lives again. Maya agrees with Ranveer Duggal with a heavy heart and asks Ranveer Duggal a poignant question. Well along, Desho lays an elaborate trap for Armaan and hopes to succeed.

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