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Khasma Nu Khani 26 May 2022 Upcoming Story: Armaan asks Desho to sign the custody papers


May 26, 2022

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A dejected Ranveer Duggal arrives at Desho’s doorstep with Deshpreet’s custody papers in an effort to do away with Desho for the rest of his life. Will Desho sign the papers against her will?

In the next episode, Armaan insists Desho sign Deshpreet’s custody papers and put an end to Ranveer Duggal’s involvement in their life. Soon enough, he notices Desho’s hesitation and questions her about the same, vehemently.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Armaan threatens to harm Ranveer Duggal and Deshpreet if Desho reveals the truth to his mother. Purab and Armaan’s mother express their disappointment in Desho for not attending Deshpreet’s birthday party. Armaan brandishes a knife in front of Desho and keeps her from revealing the truth to his mother as well as Purab. Armaan pitches in and tells Purab that it was Desho’s decision to spend time with Armaan as a family. Purab gets uncomfortable as Armaan holds Desho by the shoulder and walks away. Armaan’s mother warns Desho against trying to interfere with Ranveer Duggal’s life going forward. Desho apologises to Armaan’s mother for disappointing her and Armaan tries to downplay Desho losing her family because of his debauchery. Away, Ranveer Duggal and Deshpreet accept their fate without Desho. Ranveer Duggal wishes to do away with Desho for good.

Armaan’s mother packs her bags in silence and Desho walks up to her. Desho tries to come clean by bombarding her with questions but keeps mum as Armaan’s threat crosses her mind. After much consideration, Desho expresses her plight to Armaan’s mother without telling her the truth about Armaan’s actions. Armaan’s mother finds it difficult to wrap her head around Desho submitting to Armaan’s fancies and plans to leave Armaan’s house for good. Desho tries to pacify Purab with the help of Armaan’s mother and urges Purab to cooperate with her in a bid to fight Armaan. Soon enough, Armaan’s mother promises to help Desho gather evidence against Armaan for Ranveer Duggal’s perusal. Desho cries in front of Deshpreet’s picture and regrets not being able to attend Deshpreet’s first birthday. Ranveer Duggal’s lawyer arrives with legal documents and seeks Desho’s signature on Deshpreet’s custody papers. Away, Desho, Purab and Armaan’s mother put on an act for tricking Armaan. Soon enough, Armaan feels overwhelmed as his family finally expresses their love and warmth to him. Just then, Ranveer Duggal shows up with paperwork and seeks Desho’s signature on Deshpreet’s custody papers.

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