Khasma Nu Khani 14 January 2021 Written Update: Ranveer Duggal offers to drop Desho

Would Desho give up on her dreams because of Purab’s restlessness? To know what happens next on Khasma Nu Khani, watch the premiere episode on Zee5 Club before TV!


January 13, 2021



2 min


In the previous episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Simple walks back to Armaan and tries to incite Armaan against Desho. Well along, Simple requests Armaan for money and ends up emptying Armaan’s wallet. Ranveer Duggal meets Malkit Singh and expresses his surprise about Desho’s innocence. Furthermore, Malkit Singh reassures Ranveer Duggal as the latter worries about Desho’s ability to handle their business. Later, Simple reaches home and instigates Purab against his mother. Meanwhile, Desho receives her first job assignment.

Watch what will happen next on Khasma Nu Khani:

In the next episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Purab insists on speaking with Desho but Armaan’s mother refuses to allow Purab to talk to his mother. Simple walks in and sides with Purab and urges her to call Desho. Armaan’s mother lashes out at Simple for not valuing work and losing her job because of her own incompetence. Elsewhere, Desho chairs her first conference meeting and shares her vision for the new food section, leaving Ranveer Duggal impressed.

Desho and Armaan await an auto-rickshaw before their office and Ranveer Duggal catches a glimpse of Desho. He asks Malkit Singh to stop the car on the deserted road and immediately offers to drop Desho. However, Desho seems to be reluctant but gives into Ranveer Duggal’s insistence. On their way, Ranveer Duggal assigns a vehicle for Desho but Desho refuses to burden the company with her expenses, leaving the former perplexed. Armaan returns home and runs into an argument with Simple. Elsewhere, Desho questions Armaan’s mother about Purab.

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