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Khasma Nu Khani 03 June 2022 Upcoming Story: The police nab Armaan


June 1, 2022

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After giving into Armaan’s evil designs, Desho finally takes matters into her hands and escapes a forced night with Armaan. Will Desho be able to redeem her place in Ranveer Duggal’s life?

In the next episode, Armaan regains consciousness and finds himself encircled by policemen. Armaan accuses Desho of ruining his plans as the police drag him away. Soon enough, Armaan threatens to kill Desho as the policemen watch him in awe.

In the last episode of Khasma Nu Khani, Desho dresses up in clothes gifted by Armaan helplessly and recalls the trauma endured by her because of Armaan. Desho considers killing herself and notices sleeping pills on her dressing table. Desho recalls helping Armaan’s mother sleep with the help of the pill on a sleepless night owing to Armaan’s behaviour. The thought about leaving Ranveer Duggal behind keeps Desho from overdosing on the sleeping pills. Away, Ranveer Duggal gets nostalgic and recalls memories he made with Desho as he spends the last few moments in his bedroom. Maya promises to meet Deshpreet as soon as she finishes her research assignment. Ranveer Duggal urges Maya to receive the full payment of their house and reach out to him once she reaches her hostel. Soon, Maya and Ranveer Duggal part their ways emotionally as Ranveer Duggal leaves his house for good.

Armaan feels triumphant as Desho dresses up for their night together and walks into the room. Armaan compliments Desho and recalls her arrival in his house as a new bride. Desho clutches the vial of sleeping pills and keeps Armaan from seeing it. In the interim, Ranveer Duggal recalls Armaan’s bitter words and Desho’s thoughtless actions through the course of his drive. Armaan asks Desho to sit on the bed and tries flirting with Desho distastefully while regretting the fact that it took them so long to celebrate their togetherness. Armaan shows Desho the video she recorded in an effort to expose Armaan and tells her that the video did not serve her purpose, in turn, she landed in his bedroom willingly. Armaan promises a new start to their marital life and Desho tries spiking Armaan’s glass of milk. Desho improvises as Armaan interjects and manages to make Armaan consume the spiked milk eventually.

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