Kenda Sampige Is Just The Mystery Thriller You Need To Binge On With Your Tub Of Popcorn

From a compelling story to melodious tracks, this Santhosh Reva and Manvitha Harish starrer has got it all and is a must-watch.


April 23, 2020


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Kenda Sampige, directed by Duniya Soori and written by Surendranath, stars Santhosh Reva and Manvitha Harish in the lead roles while Rajesh Nataranga and Chandrika are part of the supporting roles. The film that is a sequel to Kaage Bangara follows the story of a couple who are framed for a crime. Whether they really committed a crime or not, that’s for you to watch the movie and discover. However, the two decide to escape from the police. Here are some of the reasons you need to watch the movie! 

Precise Direction

Kenda Sampige is undoubtedly the most intriguing and exciting work directed by Soori. It is anything but commercial and the way the story unfolds is what keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. All you’ll want to know is what happens next! 

An Intense Love Story

Well, this story isn’t your average love story. The director Duniya Soori along with the debutant actors Santhosh Reva and Manvitha Harish have done a great job in unraveling their journey in the midst of getting caught for a crime that they may or may not have committed.

A still from the movie
A still from the movie

Relevance To This Date

The film, that made its release in 2005, is still relevant in today’s times as it accurately portrays the underworld scene that deals with drugs, corruption in the police system and so on. Moments with regard to the crime scene in the country are really important revelations for viewers.


From the cinematography to the editing, Soori has been able to pay heed to the technicalities behind making the film. The pace is high throughout the film which keeps the viewers engrossed and the precise cinematography has captured the true essence of storytelling in the film.


Kenda Sampige comprises songs that are composed by V Harikrishna. In addition to this, lyricists Jayant Kaikini and Yograj Bhat have come together to give meaning to the most beautiful tunes that are composed by Harikrishna. These songs will truly touch your heart.

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