Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 2 Episode 24 Review: Sheena Invites Abhimanyu For The Party

In the latest episode, Nikki arranges a grand New Year party and invites everyone. Sheena decides to call Abhimanyu to make Poonam feel better.

Janhvi Sharma

May 5, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kehne Ko Humsafar HainBani goes out for a lunch date with Ananya. Ananya tells Bani that she has called Arya to meet her. Bani apologises to Arya for leaving and he accuses her of not loving him. He tells her that he is going to America and leaves from there. Poonam cries her heart out thinking about Abhimanyu. Rohit calls Ananya and informs her that his financial crisis will soon be over. Rohit goes to meet Poonam and the two get into a physical relationship. Rohit feels guilty for getting physical with Poonam. He returns home and lies to Ananya. Ananya bumps into Poonam at the medical shop and sees a love bite on Poonam’s neck.

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In the latest episode, Rohit spends time with Guri and talks to him. Guri tells Rohit to not tell anything to Ananya about what happened between him and Poonam. Rohit feels guilty and blames himself for cheating on his wife Ananya. Rohit tells Guri that he was trying to console Poonam when things got romantic between them. Guri warns Rohit to not tell anything to Ananya as she will leave him and go. Ananya goes to meet Rohit in his office and gets to know that he left early yesterday.

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Ananya talks to Rohit and gets to know that he lied to her. Rohit sees Ananya talking to Poonam. Ananya tells Poonam that Rohit lied to her and the latter gets worried on hearing that. Poonam urges Rohit to not tell Ananya about what happened between them. Nikki invites Arya for her New Year party, while Sheena invites Abhimanyu. Rohit gets mentally disturbed thinking about his and Poonam’s physical relationship. Ananya tells her friends that she is excited and wants to be a mom soon. Ananya comes home and gets tensed to see Rohit worried. The doctor calls Ananya and informs her that her blood test reports will come after two days.

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