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Katrina Kaif Steps Out for Dinner; Expresses Discomfort As Paparazzi Invades Her Private Space

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

April 6, 2021

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Recently when the paps did not leave Katrina Kaif alone during her casual dinner, the actor appeared rather displeased with such behaviour.

It is no secret that celebrities are almost always being followed by the paparazzi for photos and videos of their regular activities. While immense fame has its own advantages, certain disadvantages follow it too. Recently, when Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif headed out for a dinner, she was followed by the paps. And the actor appeared to be visibly very annoyed about it.

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Popular stars and celebrities are followed around by the paps more often than not. While these stars are happy to pose for photos for the cameras, for the most part, they also prefer to have their private space not be invaded. And when popular Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif felt that thin line of private space was being violated, her displeasure on the matter was evident.

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Katrina Kaif had headed out to a restaurant with her sister, Isabelle Kaif, and a few close friends for dinner recently. And obviously, the paps followed. Eventually, they stuck their cameras up to the glasses around the restaurant and zoomed in on her to record her. This did not sit well with the actress and her discomfort was clearly visible in her demeanour.

Not only did she seem disturbed by this invasion of privacy even during a dinner with her close friends and family, but she also appeared to be rather uncomfortable with the presence of the camera nearby. One of her friends also made a request to the paps to stop recording or clicking away at the actresses dinner, in vain. Later, Katrina was seen exiting the restaurant along with her sister Isabelle. While Katrina donned a coffee coloured camisole top with denim shorts, Isabella wore a bright orange dress.

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