Katherine Heigl recent comments lend support to IATSE employees

Why is Katherine Heigl revisiting her old comments on ‘cruel’ working conditions in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ that got her so much flak? She has her reasons for doing so.

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September 28, 2021


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About a decade ago Katherine Heigl spoke up about ‘cruel’ working conditions while filming ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. She faced flak for her views. Years later, in the light of the ongoing IATSE strike, the 42-year-old has revisited those comments on social media.

“Some of you may remember over ten years ago I was very vocal about the absurdity of the working hours crews and actors were being forced into by production,” she wrote on Instagram. “Even Diane Sawyer interviewed me and not so kindly informed me ‘no one feels sorry for you.’ I very publicly and for many many years after got my ass kicked for speaking up.”

Heigl portrayed Dr. Izzie Stevens on the medical drama and went on to win the coveted Emmy Award for her work. 

International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees or IATSE negotiators are demanding rest breaks and longer intervals between production hours for their more than 60,000 workers in theatre, film and TV.

The strike authorization vote is expected to begin on Oct. 1. If approved, IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb could decide to call a strike if further negotiations fail to produce an agreement.

She claimed that numerous people have found themselves in risky circumstances or sustaining injury as a result of exhaustion due to the harsh working conditions on set.


Over the years, Heigl was seen in major Hollywood blockbusters like “Knocked up”, “The Unforgettable”, “27 dresses” and many more. She was last seen in “Fear of rain” an American psychological thriller that was released in 2021.

After ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ she was next seen on small screen with her portrayals in “Suits” and “The Firefly Lane”.

Heigl is now gearing up to shoot for the new TV miniseries Woodhull.

The senior actress is a mother to three children and also advocates for animal adoption.

Heigl’s comments have come in at a time where thousands of workers are demanding fair play.

It will only help amplify the issue.


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